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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 02:50PM EST
The AgSquared Journal is an effective tool for keeping records about what you observe on your farm, as well any thoughts and ideas that you'd like to keep track of and jot down.  Journal entries can consist of text, notes, attachments and photos.  When you create a journal entry, you can save it to a specific date as well as assign it to plantings and places so that when you refer to your entries in the future you can view them in relation to what else was going on on your farm when the entry was created.

AgSquared's Journal is located in the Calendar tool. To create an entry click on the  icon on the top left hand side of the page, or on a smaller journal icon that appears when you hover your cursor over a calendar date.

The most basic journal entry can include just a title and a date, while more comprehensive entries can include descriptions, photos, uploaded files, notes and be assigned to specific plantings and places on your farm.  See the example below:



To add notes, photos, and files to an entry, click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the journal entry form:



When you assign an entry to planting or place, it will be visible in other areas of your account.  For example, if you assign an journal entry to a planting, when you click on that planting in the Crops tool the entry will be visible in the Schedule tab of that planting.  The same goes if you assign a journal entry to a place, as shown below:



You can also add journal entries directly to plantings and/or places by clicking on the journal icon that appears when you hover your cursor over any date in a schedule tab:


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