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Places Tool and Map Overview

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 01:25PM EST
This article provides an overview of the different features that you will find in the Places tool  where you can create a record for each place on your farm and draw it on your map.  As you create places you can add all of the important details about each place including its size and dimensions, soil quality, number of beds (or benches), and much more.

Adding places to your map is an important first step in the crop planning process in AgSquared.  By adding fields, beds, greenhouses, and benches in the Places tool, you will then be able to assign the plantings that you create in the Crops Tool to these places.  Assigning plantings to places on your farm enables you to keep track of where things are planted on your farm, and also to keep and view your records on a day to day basis.

Click on the Map icon  to pull up your farm on a google satellite image of your farm.  It will automatically load to the address you entered into your farm profile.  The map is easy to navigate and offers all of the Google Maps features.  You can choose to view your property from a satellite view or a map view: the satellite view offers a view from the air, while the map view is a road map of your property.   

Draw Places on your Map

You can draw places on your map by using AgSquared’s drawing tool, located in the upper left hand corner of your map.  The types of places you can draw include:

While it is not necessary to draw every field and structure on your farm, drawing places is a great way to create a visual framework for your crop plan, as well as to calculate the acreage of your fields and property boundary.

For step by step instructions on how to use the drawing tool to draw places on your map, check out this article.  
You can click on a place that you draw on your map to see some basic information about that place, edit it, or open up it’s Overview Tab where you can see and add more details about the place.

At anytime you can Print your Map and post in the barn or in your office, if you’d like.  

Adding Places without Mapping

If you prefer not to draw places directly onto your map, you can still add places by clicking the  button.  As you add places and enter in information about them, they will be added to the Places Tool on the left hand side:

Adding in important information about your Places

You can add and edit important information about each of the places you add to your account.  This information can be added when you first create your place, or by clicking through its tabs:

For Fields, you can add planting beds (including their unique names/numbers and dimensions), total calculated area, and the light profile of your field

For Growing enclosures, you can enter in planting beds as well as propagation benches (including their unique names/numbers and dimensions), total calculated area, and information about your materials and lighting.

For Buildings, you can enter in rooms and their dimensions.

For each Place you can also upload a photo:

More on the Beds and Benches/Rooms Tabs:

Each Field you add will have a Beds tab and each Growing Enclosure added will have both a Beds and a Benches Tab.  In the Beds and Benches tabs you can assign plantings to specific locations so that you can keep track of exactly where your plantings are throughout the season.  Additionally you can use the Beds/Benches Tab Date filter to view what is planted in a given bed or bench at any point in time.  Entering in detailed records about your beds and benches is a great way to keep your plantings organized:

Schedule Tab:

The Schedule Tab acts as a Calendar of activities for a specific Place.  Each Place on your farm has its own Schedule tab, where you can create and view the activities and journal entries for that Place on your Farm.

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