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Last Updated: Dec 03, 2017 02:10AM EST
The calendar has numerous features that make it an effective farm management and record keeping tool. Unlike a paper calendar that hangs on the wall, or even your google calendar, the AgSquared Calendar allows you to seamlessly plan and integrate your schedule around your crop plan, and keep useful records on everything on your farm, from your spray activities to your harvest yields, all in the same place.

Scroll down to learn more about the different features that make up the Calendar Tool and how to use them on your farm.

Calendar View

When you open your Calendar it automatically loads the current day. You can adjust your view in the Calendar View Selector (see image).  You can pull up any date in your Calendar, in the past or the future, and use the selector to pull up a 7, 30, 60, or 90 day view.


 Mobile Calendar View

Your AgSquared Mobile Calendar offers almost all of the same features that you can find in your Calendar tool in the web application.  To access your mobile Calendar after you have downloaded AgSquared Mobile to your mobile device, just select the Calendar feature from your mobile homepage and you will find your full Calendar of Activities along with all of the details from activities you entered in the web application as well the opportunity to create new activities and access all of the excellent Calendar features from your account in the web application.  To learn more AgSquared Mobile check out this video or contact our team by emailing us.



An Activity is any chore, task, or event that you would like to schedule and keep track of in AgSquared.  Adding activities to your Calendar and assigning them to places and/or plantings is a great way to manage your seasonal crop plan and create records about what you did on the farm each season.

Click the Activity button to pull down a list of the different activities you can add to your Calendar:

When you select an activity from the list, you’ll notice that each activity type has custom fields for entering specific information relevant to that activity type.  If you want to add a custom activity, choose the “Other” Activity from the bottom of the drop down list.

Read this article to learn more about adding activities.

Activity Scheduling Types

The AgSquared Calendar has scheduling options designed specifically for farms that allow you to create flexible activities which are integrated with not only your crop plan, but also with other activities in your calendar:

Floating Activities - Floating Activities can be scheduled over the course of days, weeks, months and even years and “float” for an assigned duration of time (days, weeks, and even months).

Dependent Activities - Dependent Activities are activities that are carried out independently but are linked together in a sequence.  In a sequence of two activities, the second activity is dependent on the first one and is assigned to occur a set amount of time after the completion of the first activity.

Repeating Activities - Repeating Activities can be set to appear on the Calendar at a specific interval for as long and as often as you designate.

Rescheduling an Activity in AgSquared is really easy to do using the AgSquared drag and drop featureNote: It is important to note that rescheduling an Activity with Dependent Activities will effectively reschedule the Dependent Activities as well.

Activity Details and Linking

In the additional details drop down (see image below), you can add information or instructions about your activity in the Description Box, as well as add notes, images, and other files to your activity.  You can also “link” activities to plantings and locations on your farm, which will you turn your activities into detailed and organized records.  Plus Users can also link their activities to Staff, Materials and Supplies, and Tools and Equipment.

To learn more about linking your activities and why it is important for record keeping purposes, check out this article.

Keeping Records in the Calendar

Marking activities complete in your Calendar allows you to keep accurate and organized records about what you do on your farm as well as also how long the activity took.  Completing an activity by checking it off to mark it complete, changes your planned activity to a useful record of a completed task.  

Plus Users can also add the total the staff member or members who completed this activity and how long it took.


The AgSquared Journal is an excellent tool for keeping records about what you observe on your farm.  Journal entries in AgSquaded can include your own notes, as well as photos, and files.  

To learn more check out the Journaling article


With the AgSquared Calendar Quick Filter tool, you can sort your farm records to view and print work tickets and specific types of Calendar records.  Easy to use filter buttons and search bars built into your Calendar allow you to review your records on a field by field or planting by planting basis, or even by activity type (i.e. weeding, harvesting, etc).


You can Print out your Calendar of Activities, your printout will be organized into "work tickets," with each ticket containing an activity from your Calendar.  The printout is formatted so that you can neatly cut out each ticket.  This is a useful tool for sharing detailed instructions and relevant information with staff members who will be completing tasks on the farm.  You can print your Calendar with customized date durations, filtered activity lists or just as a daily to-do list.  


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