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Allocating Resources to Activities

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:58PM EST

Allocating resources (Staff, Machinery and Supplies) to activities in your AgSquared Calendar allows you to keep track of where, when, and to which crops your farm resources are being spent, and is necessary in order to do cost tracking for the different crops and plantings on your farm.  Before you allocate resources, you’ll first need to add resources to your account, as well as assign costs to them.

Machinery and Supplies

Each activity you create in AgSquared can be allocated a resource.  You can allocate a resource to planned activity (when you either create or edit it), or when you mark the activity as complete.

To allocate a resource to a completed activity, open up the activity's completion form and enter in the resources used.  Then, by adding in the resource amount (in hours, minutes, or unit) used in the activity, the cost of that resource will linked to the given activity and any associated plantings:


If you want to allocate a resource to a planned activity, click on Additional Details in the Activity from, and assign the appropriate resource(s) (See image below).  When you allocate resources to planned activities, the cost of applying that resource to that activity is NOT automatically calculated.  Rather, during this step you are just entering the type/kind of resource your will be using, which can be useful for creating detailed activities and work tickets for you staff:



Staff are allocated to activities in the same manner.  You can either allocate them to a planned activity in the Additional Details section of an Activity Form, or in the Activity Completion form of a completed activity.  Again, you can only enter in the amount of time (and thus the cost) a staff member worked in the Activity Completion form.


Tracking and Reviewing your Resource Use in the Calendar

As you allocate your resources to activities in your calendar, you can then track and review your resource usage in either the Calendar, or the schedule tab of a given resource.

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