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Staff Management and Labor Tracking

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:59PM EST

With AgSquared you can store information about the personnel on your farm (staff, interns, volunteers), manage their schedule and work responsibilities, and track your labor costs.


 Creating Staff Profiles

Adding your staff members’ personal information is an important first step for managing your staff in AgSquared.  To add a staff member hover your mouse over Resources, select Staff, and then click the Staff button:

Staff profiles in AgSquared include photos, contact information, job title and employment dates.  You can also enter in the hourly wage of each staff member in their profile.  Entering an hourly wage is required if you want to keep track of a given staff member’s labor cost.  To enter in the hourly wage for a staff member, click on Cost Tracking to reveal the wage entry form:


Managing Staff with the Calendar and Schedule Tab

You can assign activities to each staff member in either their schedule tab, or in the Calendar.  To do so, open up the Additional Details section of any Activity form, and select that staff member you would like to be responsible for the activity:


You can then look up a specific staff member's schedule either by filtering the calendar by their name, or by opening their schedule tab.  Staff schedule tabs can be used to create organized to-do lists for each worker and is a great method for making sure your crew members know exactly what they need to do on any given day or week. 

As staff complete their activities and check them off, the schedule tab becomes an organized and easy to look up record of all the work that each staff member has done to to date:


Labor Tracking

As you mark activities that are linked to plantings as complete and record the amount of time spent by each staff member, AgSquared will keep track of both your total labor time and costs for each planting and crop.  This information can be viewed in the cost tab of any crop or planting:


Important Note: Labor wages in AgSquared default to 0.00 an hour and if you allocate time spent by a staff member to an activity, then those hours will be tallied into the total quantity of hours spent without an associated cost.

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