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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:57PM EST

In AgSquared, resources include any and all supplies, machinery, and labor that you use on your farm.  Just a few examples of some of the resources you can add to your account include:

Supplies: Plug trays, Fertilizers, Seeds, Irrigation Equipment, Compost
Machinery: Tractors, Tractor Implements, Vehicles, Roto Tillers

When you add a new supply or machine, you can enter in relevant details (dimensions, materials, organic information, biological information, etc) in the New Resource form:  


Tip on organizing resources (supplies and materials): It is up to you to determine how you want to organize your resources in your account.  In most cases, the more specific you are when defining your resources, the more accurately you’ll be able to track your costs.  When you add a resource to your account, take a moment to think about about how you use that resource on your farm, as well as the unit of measurement in which you typically purchase and/or apply each resource. For some resources such as a seed for a specific crop, you might want to create a more inclusive resource name (i.e. Beet Seeds) under which you can enter purchases of multiple seed varieties or brands. This is especially true if you plan to track the costs of growing beets but aren’t necessarily interested in tracking the cost of growing specific varieties or brands of beets.
Staff as a Resource

Staff also falls within the category of Resources in AgSquared. Thinking about staff members in the same vein as supplies and machinery might seem a bit confusing at first, however your staff members make up your farm's “labor resource,” which should be tracked just like any other cost on your farm.  To learn more about adding and managing your staff members, check out this article.

Organizing Your Resources
As your list of resources in AgSquared grows, you will want to begin creating and saving filter searches so that you can quickly find what you are looking for in Resources.

The filter tool can be found at the top of the AgSquared Resources screen:

To use the filter function, enter the letters or word(s) you'd like to filter in the  box and press Enter or click on the magnifying glass  icon.  Entering multiple filters will combine them so that you search will only information that matches all of the entered filters.  All filters that are actively being applied to your data will be listed below the filter box.

To remove a filter: click  on the  of the filter you'd like to remove or by hovering your cursor over to the Active Filters list and clicking on the  button that appears:

To save a filter: hover your cursor over the Active Filters list and click on the  button.
A pop-up box ask you to name and save your New Search Filter:

At anytime you can pull up that saved filter by clicking on the down arrow  to the right of the filter box and selecting your saved filter from the drop-down list:

To permanently delete a filter from the list of saved search filters, click on the  to the right of the relevant filter in the list.

To learn more about adding resources, see this article.

A purchase is the inventory item of a resource.  Purchases are added in the Purchase tab, and for each purchase you can enter in a date, quantity, date acquired, and storage location. Entering purchases allows you trace your resource use back to specific purchases, as well as keep track of where your inventory is located on the farm.  

Purchase Tab

Some examples purchases include include:

Each type of purchase has its own unique text entry fields so you can keep track of relevant information about that specific purchase.  For example, for seeds you can record GMO status, and for your irrigation equipment you can enter in the field you intend to use it.

Tip: make sure to consider the definition of your resource before you add a purchase.  If there are characteristics of the purchase that make how that resource is tracked on the farm (esp. for cost or traceability purposes) unique, then you might consider making a new resource for your new purchase.

Adding Purchases to Your Resources

When you purchase a quantity of a given resource, you can add it to that resource’s purchases tab. To do so, click on any given resource, go to its purchase tab, and click add a new purchase:


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