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Working online or offline your data will synchronize

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 02:05PM EST
AgSquared Mobile is set up to enable multiple members of your team to work concurrently in either online or offline mode. Online mode can be toggled on and off using the Online toggle button in your Settings Page..

Online Mode

When you are in online mode and have internet connectivity, any changes that you make are immediately saved to your AgSquared account in the cloud, and can be seen by any member of your team accessing AgSquared through a web browser on a computer or another mobile device.

To access changes made by others, AgSquared Mobile regularly checks for updates and downloads any that have been made since the last refresh. The duration between refreshes is determined by the Refresh Time setting on the Settings page. A shorter refresh time will ensure that you are more quickly seeing changes made by others on your farm, but will consume more bandwidth and battery life. 

Offline Mode

When you are in offline mode, all changes that you make are saved locally on your mobile device until you return to online mode. You are not able to see any changes made by others until you return to online mode and have internet connectivity.

When it returns to online mode after having been offline, AgSquared Mobile immediately synchronizes with your AgSquared account in the cloud.

Checking Activity and Harvest Synchronization Status

You can check the number and details of activities and harvests that are not synchronized directly from your mobile device by:

1. Clicking on the unsynchronized items button  at the bottom of your home screen

2. Clicking on the review unsynchronized data button  in your settings page   

Clicking either of these buttons will open up the Unsynchronized Data page which lists all of the items that have not yet been added to your AgSquared account in the cloud.

Important Note: When Multiple Devices in Use

In the event that multiple people edited the same activity or harvest from different mobile devices while in offline mode, only the changes made on the last device to synchronize will be retained in your AgSquared account. As a result, we strongly recommend that if multiple people are working on the same activity in the field, only one be made responsible for keeping all relevant records.

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