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Using the resource timer

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 02:20PM EST

Resource Timer Basics

Timing your activities is simple.  The first steps are creating and saving an activity.

To start your labor timer click    at the bottom of your saved activity overview screen. 

To take a break hit  and restart later

Click  to end your Activity

Finally Click  to save your completed activity.  Now the start, end and total times are added to your activity record. 

Resource Specific Timers

You can add and edit the active timer for each resource that is linked to an activity.  The first step to using this feature is turning the Resource Specific Timer on in your settings page.

Once you have activated your Resource Specific Timers, you can:

  • Add new Staff or Machines at any point during activity
  • Pause linked Staff or Machines
  • Move the timer of a linked Staff or Machines forward or backward while the activity is ongoing
The buttons to take specific actions for individual resources are in the resource selector

There are countless scenarios where resource specific timers come in handy for accurate resource tracking.  When your staff is multi-tasking or you are using multiple machines, you can now easily save detailed records for each resource that is linked to your activity.

The Resource Timer makes Resource Allocation Tracking Easy 

Once you save a timed activity, AgSquared will calculate and record the amount of time spent for each of the resources linked to your timed activity.  The calculated time will appear in your completed activity overview: 


The calculated quantities are also allocated to the tracked costs of plantings that are linked to your activity.  To learn more about cost tracking with AgSquared check out the article Resource Management Overview


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