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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 02:00PM EST
We are always updating existing AgSquared tools and adding new features.  In 2016 and 2017 we are rolling out new AgSquared Mobile features almost every week.  Check out details and click the links below to learn more about some of our most recent new feature releases:  

Integrated labor timer for accurate cost analysis - Just click start on your activity timer and get to work.  When you complete your task all of your time and resources are allocated and saved to your activity and integrated crop records.

Fully functional offline mobile capability - The app automatically takes itself offline when no connection is available, and synchronizes your data once a connection is re-established.

Assigning a mobile device to an individual staff member - Once you have assigned your device to an individual worker, that worker's view of the calendar will only include tasks assigned to them. Additionally the individual worker will automatically be linked to all new activities and harvests that they create on their assigned device.   

Auto-calculating rate per acre - You can now assign a rate per acre to your input supplies and then auto-calculate your quantity of supply used/required based on the equation rate per acre x number of acres = total quantity of supply used in the activity

Floating activities in mobile Any activity can be made into a floating activity that will float in your Calendar over the course of days, weeks, months or years.  Activities designated as Floating now appear with an F in the AgSquared Mobile Calendar.

Geolocation - GPS coordinate tracking - You can track your location and movement for each activity in your Calendar.  AgSquared Mobile G.P.S. is an ideal solution for tracking your location and creating a record of your movement throughout the process of completing an activity on the farm.

Linking staff to your harvests - You can link Staff members to a harvest for traceability, labor tracking and record keeping.

Organic designation for plantings, places and supplies - Items that you designate as organic will include an organic icon  next to them anywhere they appear in AgSquared Mobile.  This icon will make it easier to organize your organic production system for audits and task management.

Allocating resources quantities in activities - Allocating resource quantities used in an activity is a simple step in the streamlined mobile workflow of creating and completing activities

Making a harvest a final harvest
There are times on every farm when you are in the field harvesting and you realize that this will be the last picking for the planting being harvested.  All good things must come to an end!  When this happens you can easily change the final harvest date scheduled for that planting's harvest period in your AgSquared mobile.

Create a harvest lot from harvest activityIn the AgSquared Mobile Calendar when you create a harvest activity, you can simultaneously create a synchronized harvest entry.  Your harvest entry will appear in the mobile harvest tool as well as in the harvest tab for the planting that you are harvesting.  

Geolocation - Linking your current location and plantings - You can use the G.P.S. feature in AgSquared to link your activity to the field or other mapped farm location where you are working.  Linking your activity to a field with the G.P.S. location feature only requires clicking the bullseye button  when you are in the field where the activity will take place.

Autoselecting plantings and fieldsWhen choosing a location for an activity you can autoselect all of the plantings that currently reside in that field as linkages of your activity.  Alternatively by choosing a planting you can also autoselect the field where the planting resides as a linkage to the activity. 

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