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Linking Beds to your Activities

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2018 04:07PM EST
With AgSquared Mobile you can assign each activity the beds in your field where that activity takes place.  This is easy to do and there is even a setting called "Autoselect plantings in Beds" that does the work of selecting beds for you!

The very first step is adding beds to your fields and growing enclosures in the Places tool of your account in the AgSquared Web Application.  You can learn more how that works at this link.  Once you have created your Beds, the next step is assigning your plantings to beds and you can learn more about how that works at this link.

After you have set up your beds and assigned plantings to your beds, you can easily assign beds and the number of bed feet for each activity that you create in your Mobile Calendar.  The first step is to select the location of your activity, the second step is to open the Bed Selector, the third step is to select the beds where the activity took place and the fourth step is to assign the correct number of Bed Feet.

AgSquared can also select beds for you.  To use this efficienct feature just go to your AgSquared Mobile settings page and make sure that your '
Autoselect plantings in Beds' toggle is set to on.

Once you have activated the 'Autoselect plantings in Beds' feature, each time you select a Field and then Select Beds in that field, the plantings that currently reside in the selected beds will automatically be linked to your activity.  You just need to assign a specific amount of Bed feet per row to each of your activities when the whole bed is not involved in the activity.


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