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Create a harvest lot from harvest activity

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 03:42PM EST
In the AgSquared Mobile Calendar when you create a harvest activity, you can simultaneously create a synchronized harvest entry.  Your harvest entry will appear in the mobile harvest tool as well as in the harvest tab for the planting that you are harvesting.  

To create a harvest lot while recording your harvest activity you first need to:

1. Create your harvest activity
2. Assign a single planting to that activity
3. Mark that harvest activity complete

This is how the steps for creating a harvest lot from a harvest activity work in AgSquared Mobile:

1. In your Mobile Calendar create a Harvest activity

2. Assign a Planting to your Harvest activity

3. Mark the Harvest activity complete by clicking the toggle at the top of the screen

4. Create a harvest lot by clicking the Create a Harvest Lot toggle at the bottom of the screen

5. Enter in the quantity harvested and the unit of measure

6. Click Save

Now the details of your harvest are saved both in your activity as well as in a synchronized harvest lot in the harvest tool

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