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Crops Tool Overview

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 06:03PM EST

The crops tool is where you plan and create your crop plans in AgSquared. Whether your plan consists of multiple crops and varieties that you grow year round, or just a few different summer crops, the Crops tool includes a comprehensive set of features that can help you create a plan that is right for you farm. This article provides an overview of the different features located in the Crops tool.

Crops and Plantings

All crop plans in AgSquared consist of both Crops and Plantings. In AgSquared, we define these terms as follows:

Planting: a group of plants which are planted at the same time and are managed together as a unit over the course of a season. A planting typically consists of a single species and variety, but can also be a mix of crops that are combined together to create a single planting (i.e. salad green mixes).  Plantings are organized by Crop in AgSquared, and planting names always include the first seeding/sowing date of the planting.

 Crop: a grouping or category of plantings. Creating crops allows you to keep your plantings organized, and multiple plantings can belong to one crop.

Click on the Crop and Planting icons in the Crops Tool to add them to your account.  To learn more, see this article:  Adding Crops and Plantings

In Detail: Plantings

Once you have entered in the crops you plan to grow in a given season, you can then begin to add your plantings and all their relevant details, including:
  • Variety and description
  • Key dates, including sowing/seeding, transplanting, and harvesting dates
  • Location of the planting (field, greenhouse, bed or propogation bench)
  • Layout and spacing of the planting, such as its planting width, how many rows it's planted in, and the total amount of space (i.e. bed feet) that the planting occupies in its given location.
To learn more about how to add crops and plantings and the different details listed above, please see this collection of articles:

Adding Crops and Plantings
Entering Your Plantings' Sowing, Transplant, and Harvest Dates
Using the Planting Details Calculator

Each crop and planting has its own Overview, Schedule, and Harvest tabs which display all the relevant information that you’ve entered.

You can edit the details of your crops and plantings at anytime by clicking on the Edit (pencil) Button.

Crop Plan Imports/Exports

If you want to import historical crop data into your account so you can view it in your Crops tool, or import a current crop plan that you have already created in Excel, you can do so by clicking on the Import/Export button, and then clicking on Import Plantings. Read more about importing here

When you click on the Import/Export Icon, you’ll notice that there are also numerous export options. Generating exports allows you to see a snapshot of the condition of your farm at any given time, as well as to isolate and review specific aspects of your crop plan (i.e. your seed order, propagation plan, field plan, etc). Exported spreadsheets can be saved to your desktop and then opened, reviewed and printed from Excel.

Read more about exporting and specific reports here.

Season Filter

The Season filter allows you to organize, manage, and archive your plantings in the Crops tool by date. For more information on how to create different seasons and use the filter effectively, please see this article.

Search Bar

Use the search bar to quickly find a specific planting or crop in your Crops Tool.

Harvest Feature

The Crops tool is also where you can make harvest entries and keep a tally of your crop and planting yields. The basic information required to create a harvest entry is what you harvested (crop + variety) and the amount you harvested. The harvest feature is accessed by either clicking on the harvest tab of a given planting/crop, or by clicking on the Harvest Icon.

To learn more about harvest tracking in AgSquared and how to use this feature, click here

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