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Optimize your workflow with AgSquared Mobile and the AgSquared Web Application

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 05:51PM EST

You can access your AgSquared account from the AgSquared web application or from the AgSquared mobile app.  AgSquared Mobile is a totally integrated companion app for the web application and all of the information that you enter in either tool will automatically synchronize.  The two tools are highly complimentary of one another and we recommend that you use both in order to optimize the potential that AgSquared offers your farm.  It is important that you understand that role that each tool can play in your workflow.

Web Application
The web application is where you first sign up for AgSquared and where you go to set up your Crop Plan, Places and Resources.  We often refer to this as the back office AgSquared tool, this is because the web application is the tool that farmers use to set up their farm on their office computer by doing the following:
  • Laying out all of the places on the farm
  • Adding all of their Equipment, Machinery and Staff Resources 
  • Setting up their Crop and Planting plan each season 

Farmers also use the web application to review the data that they have entered in their account by:
  • Exporting data
  • Reviewing Cost tabs
  • Reviewing Harvest tabs
  • Reviewing complete activities
The Calendar tool in the web application also gives you full access to the tools for activity management and record keeping.  Many farmers utilize the web application Calendar for both adding and editing activities in their schedule of tasks to do on the farm.  The important thing to understand is that using the web application Calendar for management requires both internet connectivity and a computer.
To sign-up or login to the AgSquared web application go to
Mobile App
AgSquared Mobile helps you and your team manage farming tasks and keep detailed and organized records from both the field and the packinghouse in real time. Designed to be a companion to AgSquared's web-based tools, the mobile app focuses on the features that you need when you're away from your computer (and your internet connection). The app is includes two modules: Calendar and Harvests.
With the Calendar module you can:
  • View today's tasks, with all of their details
  • Schedule and assign future tasks
  • Keep detailed records of what happens in the field as it happens in real time
  • Track costs such as labor timings and supply usages
  • Go back in time and review your past records, whether from yesterday or from last year
With the Harvests module you can:
  • Record new harvests as they happen
  • See real-time tallies of harvest quantities across all of your crops
  • Update the status of each harvest lot as it goes through its packing and sales life cycle
Don't have the app yet? You can get it here:

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