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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 05:59PM EST
AgSquared is being used on farms all over the world!  This includes both farms where US Customary Units are the standard units of measure as well as on farms in regions and countries where Metric units are the standard units of measure.  As you set up your farm plan and create records in your AgSquared account, you can assign units of measure by choosing from dropdowns and unit selectors.  The software usually defaults to the most commonly used US Customary Unit.  However you can always change the unit to your unit of choice and in most cases the software will do the required conversions for you.

The default units will be intuitive for farmers in North America.  Farms who use only Metric will need to select the correct unit of measure when the unit selected by default is not your preferred unit.  There are also instances where you may need to adapt to and work with unit configurations that are always configured as North American, for example the dates are always saved as DD-MM-YYYY while in Australia dates are always saved as YYYY-MM-DD.  In this article we will illustrate a few examples of how using Metric in your AgSquared account works.  If you have more questions please reach out to us.

In this first example in the Crops tool you can see how the planting calculator form can use Metric units for calculating the details of this beet planting.  This form calculates based on the calculator option that you select and it will calculate in any unit that you select from a unit of measure drop down.  In this instances we are calculating all of the planting details based on the total planting area of 2500 Square meters.  To learn more about how this works, check out this article link.

This second example of how Metric units can be used in AgSquared is in the Resources Tool where you can set up and organize each of your resources for cost tracking and resource management.  You can track the cost of your resources by any type of unit and AgSquared will do the conversion and track the costs.  In this instance we are tracking the cost of a fertilizer by dollars per Liter.  To learn more about how cost tracking with AgSquared works check out this article link.

In this third example from AgSquared Mobile you can see the details of this Beet harvest being recorded in Kilograms.  With AgSquared you can record and track all of your harvests easily in AgSquared Mobile with just a few clicks.  To learn more about how to optimize your workflow with AgSquared Mobile check out this article link.  


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