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Adding and Editing Beds

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 01:49PM EST

With AgSquared it is possible to add beds to both fields and growing enclosures so that you can keep track of exactly where your plantings are located.

Table of Contents

Add Beds to a Field
Add Beds to a Growing Enclosure
Editing Individual Beds
Bed Assignments



Add Beds to a Field


To add beds to a field, go to the Maps tool, click on the desired field, and then click on the Add Beds button:

In the form that opens, start by entering in the number of beds that exist in your field:

In this form you can also enter in the default dimension (bed length, bed width, and planting width) for all of the beds you are creating.  While not required, this is a quick and easy way to enter in the dimensions of your beds if they are all the same length and width.  If your beds are different lengths/widths, just enter in the number of beds you want to add, click Save, and then you can edit the specifics of each bed directly from the beds tab.

When you are done filling out the form, click Save and you'll see that the empty beds will be visible in the field's Beds tab.  You can click on a bed to expand it and view it's dimensions:


Add Beds to a Growing Enclosure


To add beds to a growing enclosure, you must first make sure that you checked the Exposed Soil button when you created your greenhouse:

Checking the Exposed Soil box will reveal a beds tab for your growing closure.  Click on the beds tab to add beds to your growing enclosure, following the steps outlined above:


Editing Individual Beds


Once you've added beds to a field, you can then edit each bed's name and dimension in the Beds tab.  To do so, click on any a bed's edit button (which will appear when you hover over the bed), and then enter in the desired name and dimensions for that specific bed:

Click Save, and your changes will be reflected in the Beds tab:


Bed Assignments


Once you've created beds, you can then assign plantings to them.  To learn more about assigning plantings to beds, read this article.

Plantings that are assigned to beds will be visible in a field's beds tab. Using the filter tools at the top of the Beds tab you can see what plantings are in your beds between specific dates, or just choose to look at the beds' whole crop history (as show below):


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