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Calculating rate per acre of supplies

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 03:50PM EST
Many of the inputs that are commonly applied on a farm have a specified rate per acre.  With AgSquared you can assign a rate per acre to each of your input supplies and that rate will be applied to an auto-calculation when you use the supply input in an activity with AgSquared Mobile.  The auto-calculation is: 

rate per acre x number of acres = total quantity of supply used in the activity

The use the rate per acre feature the first step is to go to the supplies tool and add a chemical supply.

The next steps are to open the edit supply form and then open the material details section.  In the materials details section enter in your rate per acre.

Once you have filled in all of the details of your supply, save your supply.  Now the supply will appear in your supplies list in both the web application as well as AgSquared Mobile.

To use the auto-calculation feature you will need to create your Apply input activity in AgSquared Mobile.

Now select a location and/or planting.

The last step is opening the supply selector list and choosing your supply.  When you choose your supply you will see that the auto-calculation has already taken place.

The last step is saving your activity, so the auto-calculated quantity applied has been saved in your activity records.


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