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Setting Up Your Harvest Units

Last Updated: May 21, 2019 07:51PM EDT
Setting Your Harvest Units 

When recording harvests in AgSquared you will want to record each harvested quantity in a unit of measure.  A unit of measure can include any container or measurement that you harvest into on your farm. The first step is setting up your harvest units for each of your Crops.  
Each Crop gets assigned a standard harvest unit when you set it up.   Next you can set up each of the Units/Containers that you harvest a Crop into and that Unit/Container’s conversion back to the standard unit for Harvest, Yield and Cost reporting purposes.  . 
A cucumber harvest might be tallied using the following units:


A standard unit is chosen and conversions are set for each unit:

Standard Unit = Pound
Each = .33 pounds
Bucket = 20 pounds
Box = 50 pounds
Bin = 450 pounds

Setting a Standard Unit for a Crop:

1. Go to Web Application Crops Tool 
2. Add a New Crop
3. Add Standard Unit and Click Save

Adding Harvest Units:

1. Open your Crop and go to the Harvest Units tab 
2. Add each of your Harvest Units (this can be any unit that you use on your farm to harvest)
3. Do the conversion of the amount that your new unit is equal to in the Standard Unit and click Save
4. ​To add additional Harvest Units, click and repeat the steps of adding the Harvest Unit details including the amount of the unit that is equal to the Standard Unit and click Save

More Examples:

Using the standard unit of a pound, and figuring the average cucumber weight is .33 lbs., the Amount in the Standard Unit is set to .33

A bucket of cucumbers weighs 20 lbs, so 1/20th or 5% of the bucket is equivalent to the Standard Unit of a pound so the Amount in the Standard Unit is set to .05

Setting your Default Unit

Choose a Default Unit by clicking the circle to add a check mark under Default for the unit you expect use the most when harvesting and that you want to use as your Default Harvest Unit when you create a new harvest record.

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