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Integrating AgSquared and Your Business

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 05:57PM EST
Are you ready to ditch your spreadsheets?  Or do you still want to hold onto them and integrate AgSquared over time?

Some farmers see the opportunity with AgSquared to keep better records and make a complete transition over to AgSquared right away.  This is an excellent approach and many farmers take the AgSquared toolset and run with it without ever looking back. Other farmers decide to use AgSquared in tandem with their current planning tools with the strategy of integrating AgSquared over time.  This decision is really important and some of the factors to consider are:

1. Your Goals - This is probably the most important factor.  Do you want to use AgSquared to achieve targeted and specific goals or do you want to use AgSquared for whole farm record keeping?

2. The time of year - Is it the right time of year to transition to a new system?

3. Is your current system working or is it entirely broken?

4. Have you done your homework with AgSquared?  There is so much potential for what you can accomplish with AgSquared and how it can benefit your farming operations.  We offer a range of resources in our support center and our team is ready to help you as well.  Please reach out to us and we can help you determine the best strategy for your operation.  You can email us by clicking right here!

Farmers who integrate AgSquared with their business over time often use the following basic workflow for their first season:

1. Develop your seasonal crop plan using your normal method (paper, spreadsheet, etc.)

2. Enter minimal information about each planting– the crop variety, and the key dates (sowing, transplant, first and final harvest) – into the AgSquared Crops tool. Don’t bother entering any other information – nearly all input fields in AgSquared are optional. This information can be entered by hand, or you can import the data from a spreadsheet - to learn more, please visit this article.

3. AgSquared will automatically enter the key activities for each planting into the Calendar tool.

4. You’re now set up to use the Calendar tool over the course of the season to manage your plan and to access your Calendar with AgSquared Mobile to keep detailed records!

If you are going to integrate AgSquared with your business over time, please consider these tricks and tips:

You can always go back to your Crops tool in AgSquared over time and add more information – such as seed quantity, planting location, or expected harvest –as it serves your needs.

When entering information about seed quantity, field layout, and harvest, you can select the No Calculations option to enter just the information you want to enter, without using AgSquared’s automatic calculator tools.

Remember that AgSquared is always growing, and that many new features are in the works that will simplify the crop planning process and improve record keeping. Please share your feature requests and ideas by sending us an email, we'd love to hear from you.

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