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Harvest Tracking

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:23PM EST
With AgSquared's harvest feature you can record and keep track of exactly what and how much you harvest, from the moment your crops are picked up until the point they are are sold.

Adding Harvest Entries

Harvests are recorded in the Crop Tools by clicking on the Harvest Icon or on the Harvest Tab for a specific planting:

Each time you harvest a planting, you’ll want to add a new harvest entry.  Enter in the name of the planting you are harvesting, the date of your harvest, its status, as well as the quantity you harvest.  If you’d like, you can also add in the location where you will be storing your harvest, who was on the harvest crew, as well as any additional information in the description box:

When you save your harvest, it will appear in the harvest tab where you can look up your harvests details, including how much you you have harvested to date relative to your expected harvest for that planting:


Updating the Status of a Harvest

If you want to to keep track of a harvest after it has been picked, you can do so by clicking on the edit button and updating the harvests status:

Entering in Expected and Actual/Total Harvest Quantities

When you create a planting, you can enter in your expected harvest quantity on the Edit Sowing Details form:

It is possible to record the actual harvest quantity of a planting when you mark a harvest activity as complete: click on the More button to open a drop down tab where you can enter in additional information about your activity:

At the bottom of the drop down tab, you can enter in the harvest quantity and unit (i.e. lbs, bunches, plants, etc):

Click update, and your harvest quantity will be saved to the planting for which you created the harvest activity.

Note: when you enter in the harvest quantity for a harvest activity, this information is NOT saved to your harvest tab. 

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