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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 02:57PM EST
With the AgSquared Calendar Quick Filter tool, you can sort your farm records to view and print specific types of Calendar records.  Easy to use filter buttons and search bars built into your Calendar allow you to review your records on a field by field or planting by planting basis, or even by activity type (i.e. weeding, harvesting, etc).

The Calendar filter is located just to the left of your main Calendar:

By default, the filter is set to show all of the records in your Calendar (hence the checked filter buttons).  Click on any of the buttons to de-select the filter, and those records will no longer appear in your Calendar.  Click the “Clear all filters” button at any time to go back to the default view of your Calendar.

Below the filters, there are 3 search bars that you can use to pull up records about specific activities, locations, and/or plantings on your farm.  You can enter in an activity, location or place by typing the name into the search bar or by selecting one from a drop down list which will appear if you click on the magnifying glass icon:

Note: to change the calendar interval at which you are viewing your records, use the date selector at the top right hand corner of your calendar

Filtering Examples
Review your input activities for a specific field: if you need to keep records on your field inputs and applications and share them with an inspector, the calendar filter makes it easy to view and print all these records at once:
In the Activity Type(s) search bar select Apply Input activities, and in the Location(s) search bar select your field.

If you wanted to look up the records for a specific planting in that field, simply type in the planting of interest in the Planting(s) search bar.
Look up and mark off all your incomplete activities:  Want to quickly look up all the activities that you have yet to be complete on your farm?  Or maybe you forgot to mark a bunch of activities as complete in the last week and you want to pull them up and check them off all at once?:
De-select all of the filter button except for “show incomplete activities”

Review your irrigation schedule:  Often during the height of the dry season you can forget when you last turned on the irrigation system in a specific field.  With the Calendar filter you can quickly look up when you last irrigated a specific field or planting:
In the Activity Type(s) search bar select the Irrigate activity, and in the Location(s) search bar select the appropriate field:

Review you Farm Journal: The journaling tool in AgSquared is a great way to capture all sorts of qualitative information about your farm.  Using the calendar filter, you can quickly pull up all your journal entries and view them separately from your other records:
De-select all of the filter button except for “show journal entries”

In the screenshot above, the Tomato Celebrity Planting was also selected in the Planting(s) search bar.  In this case, only the journal entries I kept for the tomato planting would appear in the calendar.

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