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Recording your Harvest Entries and Harvest Activities

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:24PM EST
Harvest Entries are created in the Harvest Tool and enable you to keep track of your harvested produce. The basic information required to create a harvest entry is what you harvested (crop + variety) and the amount you harvested.  From your harvest entries AgSquared is able to keep track of and tally up your total harvest quantities over the course of a season.

Harvest Activities are created in your AgSquared calendar and help you plan, manage, and track the work and time you spend harvesting your crops.  Scheduling harvest activities in your calendar allows you to instruct your crew on what needs to be harvested and when, as well as makes it easy for you to keep labor records related to your harvests. Over time, keeping harvest activity records will enable you to tally up your harvest labor costs, as well as  demonstrate how you comply with traceability and food safety best practices

Linking Harvest Entries and Harvest Activities:  To keep comprehensive and organized records about your harvests, you can link your Harvest Entries and Harvest Activities.  There are two ways to link harvest activiites and entries.

To link a Harvest Entry to an Activity:

1. Create a harvest activity and assign it to a single planting and give it a harvest quantity (see image below):

2. Once the harvest activity is done, mark it as complete.

3. Once you have marked the harvest activity complete, open the edit activity form and you will see a checkbox with the phrase "Create a new harvest entry for this quantity" in the Harvest Details section (see below).

Alternatively you can scroll over your activity in the Calendar and click on the button:

4. In either window, check the Create a new harvest entry for this quantity checkbox and click Update.

Now you have created a Harvest Entry that is linked to this Harvest Activity

To link a harvest activity to an entry:

1. Create a Harvest Entry using the Harvest tool, and then add a check in the Add a matching activity to my calendar box at the top of the form.

Once you save you entry, a  harvest activity will be automatically created and added to your Calendar,

You can also Synchronize any changes that you make to the details of Harvest Entries and Harvest Activities that are linked.

When go to edit a harvest entry, you will notice a new check box at the top of the form titled Synchronize changes with related harvest activity (see below).  When you click this check box any changes that you make to your entry will now be reflected in it's related Harvest Activity in your calendar.

Alternatively you can synchronize changes made to your Harvest Activity with changes to your Harvest Entry by clicking on the Synchronize changes with related harvest activity check box in the Edit Harvest Activity form in your Calendar for the related Harvest Activity (See Below):

You can access your related Harvest Activities and Harvest Entries by using the clickable links in the Harvest Activity and Harvest Entry Forms (See Below):

In the Harvest Activity:

In the Harvest Entry:

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