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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:56PM EST

AgSquared enables you to do cost tracking for all of the plantings and crops that you add to your account.  Cost tracking can help you understand how much it is costing you to grow certain crops, and is a crucial step for being able to identify which crops on your farm are the most profitable.

To track your costs in AgSquared, you need to enter in your farm resources (supplies, machinery and labor) and their associated costs, and then allocate them to completed activities in your calendar.  Once your costs are allocated to completed activities, AgSquared will calculate the cost of production for each of your crops and plantings and display this information in the Cost Tab of your Crops tool.

Adding Resources and their Costs

There are three types of resources that you can add to your account in AgSquared: Supplies, Machinery, and Staff. Entering in these resources and their costs enables you to keep an inventory of all the resources that you use on your farm:


For a tutorial on how to add resources to your account click here For more information on how to add costs to your resources, click here.

Allocating Resources to Activities

Once you have entered in your resources and assigned them a cost, you can then allocate them to activities in your calendar. By allocating resources to activities you can keep track of exactly when, where, and to which plantings (if any) your costs are being spent:


Above: the Additional Details section on the Add a New Activity form is where you can input the associated resources for a particular activity

Above: After completing an activity, click 'More' to input the associated labor, machinery and supplies costs.

Click here to learn more about how to allocate resources to activities.

Reviewing the Cost of Production for your Plantings and Crops

As you assign resources to activities that are linked to plantings, you can view the cost of production for each one of your plantings and crops in their respective Cost Tab in the Crops Tool.



To learn more about the cost tab and the information it contains, please see this article.


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