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Adding Resources (Staff, Supplies & Machinery)

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:56PM EST

In AgSquared, there are three main categories of resources: Staff, Machinery, and Supplies. Adding your farm resources to your AgSquared account is a great way to organize your resources, manage your staff, and track your purchases.  Once you add resources to your AgSquared account you can allocate the cost of your resources to activities in your calendar and begin tracking the cost of production for your plantings and crops.  

Adding Resources


To add a staff member, hover your mouse over the Resources Button, and select Staff:

Click on the Staff button and fill out the New Staff Member form with each of your employee’s information. Staff profiles in AgSquared include photos, contact information, job title and employment dates. Additionally, if your staff member has an hourly wage you can add it to their profile.  Entering an hourly wage is required if you want to keep track of a given staff member’s labor cost.  To enter in the hourly wage for a staff member, click on Cost Tracking to view the wage entry text entry field:

To read more about managing your staff and doing labor tracking, see this article


To add machinery, hover your mouse over the Resources Button, and select Machinery:

Click on the +Machinery button and select from the dropdown either Horse Drawn Equipment, Machinery or Vehicles.  Depending on the type of machinery you are adding, you can enter and save different information, including commercial details, fuel consumption rates, wheel spacing, and engine and hitch power.

To add a cost to to a piece of machinery, check Cost Track by Activity, enter in how you want to track your machinery cost (the default it by Time Cost), and then enter in the cost.


To add your supplies, hover your mouse over the Resources Button, and select Supplies:

Click on the +Supplies button and select from the dropdown the category and subcategory that best matches your supply.  Depending on the type of supply you are adding, you can enter and save the important information about that specific supply type (i.e. commercial information, material details, dimensions, etc):

By clicking the Track cost by Activity checkbox, you can input the time or unit cost for each supply (the default is set at Unit Cost).

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