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Import your Crop Plan

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:37PM EST

Looking to Download Import Templates?  Please scroll down to the bottom of this article for download links.

Do you already use your own custom spreadsheets to create and track your seasonal crop plan?  If so, you can use AgSquared's Crop Plan Templates to bring these plans directly into your account!  By using the Import Tool you can transfer much of the important data from your previous crop plan(s) into AgSquared all at once.
STEP 1: Transfer your existing crop plan into an AgSquared Crop Plan Template
It is first necessary to transfer your crop plan into one of AgSquared's templates. These templates put your crop plan into a format that can be recognized by and imported correctly into AgSquared.

There are AgSquared templates for two types of plantings, which can be downloaded from the bottom of this article:

- Direct Sow in Rows Template: Use this template to import all of your plantings that are directly sown into rows.              

- Transplant in Rows Template
: Use this template to import all of your plantings that are sown into containers and then transplanted into rows.

Download the appropriate template to your computer and then open it using your spreadsheet program. Next, transfer your existing crop plan into the template by copying and pasting all relevant information.

For further instructions on how to download AgSquared's templates, check out this article.
STEP 2: Save your new Spreadsheet as a .CSV file:
After you have finished transferring your crop plan into the template, save it as a .csv file.  If using Excel, click on " File > Save As...", and select "Comma Separated Values" in the Format or Save as Type drop down menu:

To see an example of a populated import template, please see the attachment: EXAMPLE_ARUGULA_IMPORT.csv
Note: AgSquared can only import .csv files.  All other file types will be rejected and result in a failed import.
Step 3: Import the .CSV Spreadsheet into AgSquared:
Go to the Crops tool and scroll your cursor over the Import/Export button.  Next click on Import Planting from the dropdown menu that appears:

In the form that opens, select the appropriate template type (Direct Sow in Rows or Transplant in Rows), and then click the  button to locate the CSV spreadsheet on your computer.  Then click .


When you click   you will be prompted to review the crop plan information from your spreadsheet to ensure it is correct.  When you are done reviewing it, click  and the information will be imported into your account.  All of your crops and plantings will be added to your crop list, and their associated dates added to the calendar.  

Notes and Tips:

-If you don't have an existing crop plan in a spreadsheet, you may want to create one and then import it into your AgSquared account.  For those familiar working with spreadsheets, creating a crop plan spreadsheet for the purpose of populating your AgSquared account may be a more expedient way for you to add crops to your account.

-If there is a problem with your import file, an error message will pop up and inform you what the issue is and how you can fix it.  For further assistance on troubleshooting import files that are rejected, see this checklist.

-An import cannot be undone. Once a spreadsheet is imported, the only way to remove its associated crops and plantings is to delete them one by one.  Please be sure to review that the information in your spreadsheet is correct before importing it.

-All imported crops are given a default icon.  You can change this icon by clicking the Edit Crop button (represented by the pencil icon) and selecting an icon that best represents your crop.

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